Saturday, 21 September 2013

Why am I still the domestic around here?

I work.  I work full time. So why is it when the tea bags run out, or the dishwasher needs packing, or the kitchen floor needs cleaning, it is always me who is left in charge? 

Nobody round here notices or helps without be asked.  Well.  Nagged.  And then the help is reluctant. Somehow The House is my responsibility. 

In fact I know that good old fashioned masogynism is still alive and well and sleeping in my bed because whenever the OH does a chore he does it in the spirit of helping me and not just doing the job which needs doing:  "Honey, let me help you.  Oh I hung out the laundry to help you..." 

And why is it when men or teens hang out laundry to dry they put it on the airer in the same shape it comes out of the machine?  My OH who professes to be good at maths and logic hangs jeans in a scrunched up ball - by my reckoning they would take at least 83 days to dry, they'd smell stale and would be impossible to flatten.  He'd be left with a denim sculpture.  Yeah!  Let me say thanks for that help!  I always love doing a job twice. 

If I'd wanted to be a housewife I would have organised my life to not have a career for the largest amount of hours.  I didn't head into adult life thinking, I know - I want my equal rights, so I'll have a career AND be a great housewife.  Hobbies, friends and time to unwind are soooooo overrrated - I'll spend ALL my time being busy so everyone else can enjoy those things. 

That's a plan. I suppose I'd better put down the laptop and pick up my pinny. 


  1. I'm afraid this is one of the reasons why I left my husband. I was in exactly the same situation; you work at work, you work at home. It is such a relief to not have to wash his pants anymore! Or pick up his socks!

    Good luck with it - I hope you find a solution. xxx

  2. Thank you! I'm sorry things didn't work out for you... or hopefully they have!? Thankfully things are pretty good round here - if only everyone else cared about tidying up!! Haha. x